France – Foreign investor : how can I obtain a certificate of capital deposit ?

Foreign investor

You are a foreign investor residing outside France. You need to apply for a « passeport talent créateur d’entreprise », « passeport-talent investisseur » or residence permit « entrepreneur profession libéral ».

Before you can apply, you need a certificate of economic viability issued by the authorities. For this, you are required to provide proof of an investment in the business,

particularly for talent passports. For the passeport talent créateur d’entreprise, you must provide proof of an investment of 30,000 euros, and for the passeport talent investisseur 300,000 euros. 

We strongly advise you to :

deposit funds in an account dedicated to the future company obtaining a certificate

Prove that these funds will be allocated solely to the business or investment for which you are applying for a visa.

Many problems can arise, especially if you don’t have a residence permit. Some banks refuse to open an account for foreigners to deposit capital.

You should know that the lawyers assisting you in obtaining your visa can keep the capital in their CARPA account and issue you with a capital deposit certificate.

This procedure is specific to lawyers.

All you need to do is entrust your entire business creation and talent passport dossier to your lawyer. He or she will then be able to take all the necessary steps to obtain such a certificate for you, which you must provide online to the authorities to prove economic viability, but which you must also provide to the consulate or embassy to apply for a visa.

Our firm is authorized to assist foreign investors and business creators wishing to set up in France in all areas: business plan, administrative procedures linked to the visa and residence permit for investors and business creators, passport-talent.

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