The firm helps companies and employees apply for work permits.

Foreign nationals authorized to reside in France may not engage in paid employment in France without first obtaining a work permit. To work as an employee in France, the following persons must hold a work permit if they are employed in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code : 

  • Foreign nationals who are not nationals of a member state of the European Union, another member state of the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation ;
  • Foreign nationals of a member state of the European Union during the period of application of transitional measures relating to the free movement of workers.

What does the work permit look like?

A work permit can take various forms : a visa, a residence permit, or a document issued by the authorities that is separate from the residence permit. Example: the work permit application approved by the Direccte or the new MOE platforms.

Example 1 : A residence permit marked « vie privée et familiale » (private and family life) includes an unrestricted work permit.

Example 2 : The cerfa n°15186*02 approved by the Direccte constitutes a work authorization, or the work authorization sent by e-mail by foreign labor platforms.

The work authorization takes intoaccount : the department; a specific job; an employer.


The issuance of the following residence permits is subject to prior possession of a work permit:

  • Temporary or multi-annual residence permits bearing the word  » employee », issued to foreign nationals working under open-ended employment contracts,
  • Temporary residence permits marked « travailleur temporaire » (temporary worker ) issued to foreigners working under fixed-term employment contracts,
  • The multi-annual residence permit bearing the wording « seasonal worker », issued to foreign nationals working in seasonal jobs, who undertake to maintain their habitual residence outside France,

It authorizes the holder to carry out a professional activity and gives him or her the right to reside and work in France for the period or periods specified in the permit, which may not exceed a cumulative period of six months per year.

Ourlaw firm will assist you in preparing and submitting your application for a work permit to recruit a foreign employee in FRANCE.

We assist our clients and propose a complete audit of the file for the best chance in the procedure.

  • Study and audit of the employer’s situation, the employee’s situation and the proposed job.
  • Examination of the employment situation and advice on the enforceability of the job.
  • Advice on the basis and approach to be followed
  • Drafting of the request, based on the applicable legislative and regulatory provisions
  • Preparing the file
  • On-line submission of application and responses to administrative authorities
  • Follow-up of the application until a response is received
  • Submitting the application for a residence permit or visa – until the permit is issued.


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